About Us

StillAlive started in 2017 as custom shoes and vintage clothing boutique, bringing new life and style to all-time classics. Our jackets and sneakers got the appreciation of customers around the globe – from the USA, Japan, Canada, and others. The first streetwear collection “Sinner” appeared in late 2019, as we grew up and obtained loyal customers.

At StillAlive, we appreciate quality, utility, and designs that remain unique and ageless. That’s why we put a lot of effort to make our clothes durable, comfortable, and create prints that bring a fresh look to already classical themes in rock and skate culture.

StillAlive name is a message, a reminder, that our clothes are made to last, and that abrasion or distress is not a reason to throw your clothes away. Сonversely, with time and use, clothes attain history, evoking emotions and memories, and obtain soul.